The Importance of Cannabis Storage

            Well if you’ve made it this far then you can probably imagine just how important the proper storage conditions are for keeping cannabis fresh and potent.  Unfortunately for uneducated consumers, there are a lot of myths and urban legends for how to store cannabis that are actually quite the opposite of “Proper Storage”.  So let’s see…  Where should we start?


The Humidor

            This is one of the most common mistakes in cannabis storage.  But why you ask? I mean it works for cigars, and cigars are made of tobacco, which is also dried plant matter, right?  So we’re good right?  Sadly, no my friend.  The problem with humidors is that most of them are made of cedar wood and are seasoned with oils, which can leech off into your cannabis and affect taste in a harsh way. And on top of that, they can oversaturate your cannabis.  Diminishing the quality and taste.  You see, humidors are designed for tobacco, which requires an optimal relative humidity range of 60-70%.  Cannabis has an optimum relative humidity range of 50%-60%.  Lower than that of tobacco.


The Fridge

            Yeah, that’s not such a good idea.   No matter how high end your shiny stainless steel beauty is sitting in the corner of your kitchen, a fridge has extreme fluctuations in both temperature and humidity.  Every time you open the door the temperature rises a few degrees, and then takes time again to chill down.  All your doing is creating a breeding ground for fungus and mildew.  It’s basically an open invitation for mold.


The Freezer

            The freezer is actually a great place to keep your cannabis fresh.  However once frozen, the already fragile trichomes become brittle and can shatter apart easily.  The thawing process also introduces more moisture at once than the plant can absorb, typically resulting in condensation on the buds.  The only time Cannabis should be stored in the freezer is for making a nice batch of Fresh Frozen Bubble Hash.


Above the Fridge or Microwave

            The common misconception here is that because these are dark cabinets up high and nobody ever really goes into them anyways so it’s a good stash spot.  While they are in point of fact dark, they are also usually really warm in temperature.  You get more of a constant elevated temperature above a fridge, and swings of elevated temperatures when next to or above microwaves.  So while a dark place is in fact best, just make sure it’s not near any electronics or major appliances that are going to be giving off heat and causing temperature swings.  Again, sings in temperature and elevated temperature consistently provides that perfect environment for mold, mildew and fungus.  Nasty stuff.

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